How Do I Develop Better Habits?

Good Habits Spreadsheet

When it comes to habits, I’ll bet 99% of the population would like more good ones and less bad.

I’d also wager that a good proportion of that 99% would also love it to happen magically.

Sadly, it doesn’t work like that.

You’ve got to put the work in and good habits are essential if you are to achieve your goals and be a success.

Relying solely on motivation and willpower will not get you over the good habit finish line.

For that you need a helping hand and a few tools……….

Your Habit Building Toolkit

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How to Achieve a Positive Mindset in 3 Steps

Look at Yourself In The Mirror

Positivity is the secret to success in all areas of your life.

Adopting a negative and defensive attitude in negative situations will only make the situation worse. You’ll end in a downward spiral.

Take the opposite approach and reframe the situation as a challenge. It then becomes an opportunity that you can learn and develop from.

The 3 steps idea listed below come from the closing chapter of Ant Middleton’s book ‘First Man In’. The book tells the tale of the often extreme challenges he’s faced before during and after his special forces career and how he’s always managed to flip negatives to positives.

The result? A charismatic leader.

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The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself

From school age we’re constantly being pushed to set goals and work towards achieving them.

Nothing wrong with that on the surface.

However, these ‘means’ goals tend to be ones that are expected by the culture we live in and not necessarily what will make us happy and fulfilled.

They’re also rooted in the Industrial Age.

Learn the difference between ‘Means goals’ and ‘End goals’ and then take a simple 6 minute exercise that could literally change your life by asking yourself the 3 Most Important Questions!

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Crisis vs Opportunity (Your Choice)

Stay at Home Globe

Although these are unprecedented times, whenever there’s any crisis in your world you should always ask yourself ‘What’s the gift’? 

Although it’s not always clear at first and you may have to dig deep, there’s always something to gain and an opportunity for you to grow and develop in a positive way.

In this crisis we all have the opportunity to get aligned in all aspects of our lives – Health / Wealth / Self / Social.

The first step is to acknowledge and accept that there are many external factors outside your control.

But then the trick is to identify what you can control and take action in those areas.

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How Can I Overcome Procrastination?

Procrastination Sign

Why do we Procrastinate?

If you’re like me (and the majority of the population for that matter) you put off doing certain important tasks and really struggle to overcome procrastination. Instead you opt for others with more appeal. This shouldn’t be confused with laziness and used to label your identity. You see, lazy people don’t do much of anything. You on the other hand are simply choosing another activity instead of the one you know deep down you should be tackling.

Maybe the task at hand is boring or maybe you doubt your ability so you feel anxious and reluctant to start. The fear of failure and embarrassment is a massive motivator. It directs you towards ‘safer’ options and to keep you within your comfort zone. That’s what our brains do – they try to keep us safe and away from danger – real or imagined.

That’s all fine if these instances are isolated and the tasks get done in a reasonable timeframe. However chronic procrastination can have a serious impact on your career and personal life. It can even lead to depression, if not acknowledged and left to fester unaddressed.


A Productive Day Starts with a Simple 3 Step Morning Routine

Own The Day

Is your goal to tackle each day with purpose and ultimately take control? Then getting the first 20 minutes right is going to give you the best chance of success for a productive day.

Just as you should warm your engine before hitting the road, your body needs to be primed for action first thing to set it up properly.

I’ve been following the routine for about 18 months after reading Aubrey Marcus’s book, ‘Own The Day, Own Your Life’. Now I really notice the difference if I skip these key steps each day.

  1. Hydrate (but not with coffee)
  2. Seek Light
  3. Get Moving

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed


Whether it’s in your work or personal life, everyone experiences being overwhelmed at some stage in their lives.

Unfortunately these periods can become the norm, fuelling chronic stress with all it’s damaging mental and physical health side effects.

The rise of technology means you’re often at work and available for duty, at least mentally, 24/7 even if you’re still being paid for a standard 40 hour week.

Managers and business leaders are increasingly pushed to deliver more with less resources.

The result? A drop in the quality of work output, pressure on family life, precious personal time and potential health issues.  

The primary objective for most humans is to look after their loved ones. However this becomes an impossible task if we’re drowning in overwhelm and struggling to look after ourselves.

Fortunately you’re in the right place to discover what you can do to stop feeling overwhelmed and regain control of your life…….!! 


How to Work Smarter Not Harder

Focus for Success

Do you want to learn how to work smarter rather than harder? It’s a common misconception that the successful people of the world are more talented than you and me. I can assure you that’s not necessarily the case.

This is often an excuse we tell ourselves to lower our personal expectation of success and protect our egos from disappointment and failure.

The logical follow on to that way of thinking is to tell ourselves the only way we can be more successful is to work harder.

We’ve got 2 problems with this idea.

Firstly, most of us are working hard and flat out and increased hours doesn’t equal greater performance (think quality not quantity).

Secondly, there are a limited number of hours in each day so that means sacrificing more leisure and family time.

I don’t know about you but in my opinion that’s the road to unhappiness and not the route to success!